The Civil War In Spain

       General Mola said:  “Following the election of the Socialist government in Spain, and the king’s withdrawal from the country, there was an absolute avalanche of public officials who rushed to the Grand Orient Lodges to request entry.  They thought they could thus be free of the persecution which had been practiced by the majority of Masons in the government.  Their purpose was to give evidence of their republicanism and to prevent the certainty of having their careers ruined.”

Immediately after the king had left, Franco told the Military Academy, of which he was then in charge, “The republic has been proclaimed in Spain.  It is the duty of all at the present time to co-operate with their discipline and allegiance so that peace may reign and the nation be permitted to direct itself through the natural judicial channels.  Hitherto, at the Academy, there has always been discipline and exact fulfilment of duty.  To-day these qualities are even more necessary;  the Army needs, serenely, and with a united spirit, to sacrifice every thought of ideology to the good of the nation and the tranquility of the fatherland.”  The wording of this proclamation shows Franco to be anything but a “Black” Nazi which Communist propaganda would have the public believe him to be.

But the Secret Powers were not willing to give the republican government a chance to operate in an efficient and democratic way.  Churchill wrote:  “The Communists helped set it up so they could knock it down again and create more political and economic chaos, until they had the country, and the people, in such a state that the leaders could advocate with reason, that only a proletarian dictatorship could restore law and order and save the day.”

Having overthrown the monarchy in Spain, the next logical move was to attack the religion of the people.  Secularism was introduced into the schools.  A campaign was launched to destroy parental authority and that of the Church.  Having created thousands of anti-religious, and anti-social young Bolsheviks, it was only necessary to await the opportunity to turn the masses loose against the forces of law and order in a well-planned revolt.

On May 14th, 1931, a meeting was held in the Ateneo Club, in Madrid, to discuss the new political programme.

Its eight points were :
1.  Creation of a republican dictatorship.
2.  Immediate punishment of all responsible for illegal acts under the dictatorship.
3.  Disbanding the Civil Guard, the Army, and the police, etc., and the substitution of armed republicans chosen from the labouring classes and Republican Clubs.
4.  Confiscation of property of religious orders.
5.  Nationalization of land.
6.  Suppression of all press agencies hostile to the Republican cause.
7.  Utilization of technical schools and other buildings for the public good.
8.  Postponement of the Cortes until this programme had been carried out.

Azana, an intellectual Liberal;  Prieto — a socialist;  and Caballero, a Communist, were three of the most prominent political leaders at this time.  Azana, with his tongue in his cheek, publicly opposed such radical suggestions, although he secretly approved.  When elected to power he put the programme into effect.

In due course the ‘Cortes Constituyentes’ was elected.  Under the excuse of “Law for the defence of the Republic”, a ruthless dictatorship was set up — The only democratic feature about it was its name “the Republic of the Workers”.  A Moscow trained revolutionary, Jiminez Asua drafted the new Constitution.[1]  Azana now concentrated his entire efforts on destruction of the churches and persecution of religious orders.  In December 1932, he set up the “League of Atheism”.  He financed its periodical ‘Sin Dios’ (The Godless), out of public funds.  All these moves were made in the name of democracy.  The leaders told the people they were being liberated from the control of the religious orders, and the clergy who, they said, were allied to feudalism and tyrannical monarchs.

In Catalonia the revolutionary activities which General Prime, de Rivera had subdued broke out again.  By January 1933, the London Morning Post correspondent reported “Huge stocks of bombs, rifles, and ammunition are being found by the police all over Spain.  An enormous amount of money is being spent to foster the revolutionary cause.  Many of those arrested, though to all appearances not well paid, carried note-cases full of bank-notes.”[2]

Next an uprising in Asturia was organized, and on September 14th, 1934 a report was issued which implicated war officials and army officers in the sale of Arms.

General Franco made a desperate effort to try to re-organize the Spanish Army and put an end to Anarchy, but he obtained little support from government authorities.  To indicate how well the Communist underground was organized, over three hundred churches were set afire at exactly the same time in a hundred different cities and towns.  The assassination of individuals the revolutionaries wanted removed, became so common that ‘Professional Pistoleros’ became competitive.  It was possible to have an enemy liquidated for 50 pesetas (a little more than $5.00 American).  The Moscow agents used the confused conditions existing in Spain to carry out Lenin’s mandate:  “The Communist legal Code is to base terrorism on fundamental principles.”[3]

Torture, mutilation, rape, burnings, bloodshed, and death, were the methods by which Communism tried to obtain power.  Conditions deteriorated from bad to worse.  By the beginning of 1936 the whole country was in a state of turmoil.  President Alcala Zamora dissolved the Cortes.  February 16th was set as the date for a general election.  Gil Robles, and Calvo Sotelo, stamped the country on a straight anticommunist ticket.  Bolshevik election propaganda was issued by ‘The Friends of Russia’.

Largo Caballero was in prison at this time for the part he had played in a revolutionary uprising.  He was interviewed by Mr. Edward Knoblaugh who afterwards wrote “Correspondent in Spain”.

Caballero said :  “We will win at least 265 seats.  The whole existing orders will be overturned.  Azana will play Kerensky to my Lenin.  Within five years the republic will be so organized that it will be easy for my party to use it as a stepping stone to our objective.  A union of the Iberian Republics ... that is our aim.  The Iberian Peninsula will again be one country.  Portugal will come in peaceably we hope, but by force if necessary.  YOU SEE BEHIND THESE BARS THE FUTURE RULER OF SPAIN.  Lenin declared Spain would be the second Soviet Republic in Europe.  Lenin’s prophecy will come true.  I shall be the second Lenin who shall make it come true.”

After the most completely dishonest election Spain ever endured, President Zamora wrote :  “The Popular Front was hoisted into power on the 16th of February, thanks to an electoral system as absurd as it is unfair, which gives an extraordinary advantage to a relative majority though absolutely it may be a minority.  Thus in a certain constituency the Popular Front with 30,000 votes less than the opposition was nevertheless able to win ten seats out of thirteen, though in no part of the constituency did the number of votes exceed those of its major adversary by more than 2 per cent.  Paradoxical cases of this kind were fairly common.”

In spite of the illegal means employed, first count only gave the Popular Front 200 seats out of a possible 465.  Thus it became the largest minority group in the parliament, but did not have enough seats to form a government.  The next move was for the Popular Front members to join forces with the Basque, and other minority groups.  They elected a Committee to verify the election returns in each constituency.  They made sure the final returns were favourable to the Popular Front Party.  In several cases Rightist candidates were disqualified and Popular Front candidates were elected as deputies in their place.  When the “fixing” was all over the Popular Front had the 265 seats Caballero predicted they would have... But even after all this had happened, the final breakdown of the votes showed : —

For ‘Centre’ and ‘Right’ parties ........... 4,910,000
For the ‘Popular Front’ .......................... 4,356,000
‘Right Centre’ majority : 554,000

It must be understood that Popular Front candidates elected to the Spanish Cortes represented every kind of individual from the very mild socialist to the dyed-in-the-wool Bolshevik.

The Stalinites created so much chaos that hellish conditions broke out all over Spain.  Previous to the February elections in 1936 the governmental record in Spain was as follows :

From the end of the Prime de Rivera dictatorship in 1931 there had been one revolution with 2,500 persons killed, seven revolts, 9,000 strikes, five prorogations of the budget, two billion pesetas increase in charges, 1,000 municipalities suspended, 114 newspapers forbidden, two and a half years of “States of Exception” (equivalent to our state of martial law).  After six weeks of popular front government under Azana, Caballero, and Prieto the record read : —

Assaults and robberies :  At Political headquarters, 58;  At public and private establishments, 105;  At churches, 36.  Fires : At political headquarters, 12;  Public and private establishments, 60;  Churches, 106.  Disturbances: General strikes, 11;  Risings and revolts, 169;  Persons killed, 76;  Wounded, 346.

Caballero, speaking at Zaragoza, said : “Spain must be destroyed in order to remake it ours.  On the day of vengeance we will leave not a stone upon a stone.”

Caballero also declared : “Before the elections we ask for what we want.  After the elections we will take what we want by any means.  ‘The Right’ must not expect mercy from the workers.  We shall not again spare the lives of our enemies.”

Azana declared happily, “Spain has ceased to be Catholic”.

Communist leader, Marguerita Nelken, announced “We demand a revolution.  But even the Russian kind will not serve us.  We need flames that will be seen throughout the planet, and waves of blood that will redden the seas.”

The Times correspondent reported conditions in Barcelona.  In February 1936, he said : “A vigilance committee warned a number of high officials on February 20th to relinquish their posts.  The committee was obeyed.”  A month later he wrote :  “The Dictatorship of the Proletariat is now the open aim of all the Reds.”  A little later he wrote :  “Spanish Socialism had been drifting towards Communism.  It is among the younger generation that Marx and Lenin have gained most of their disciples.  These young people believe that the conquest of power is the immediate requirement of Spanish Socialism;  violence the ultimate means of getting it;  and a dictatorship of the proletariat the only way to retain it.  The subversive doctrine is preached untiringly.”  In March 1936 he reported :  “Deputies in the Cortes (Spanish Parliament) with clenched fists, in Communist salute, sang the Soviet national anthem, L’Internationale, in the House itself.”

Why did the youth of Spain turn in great numbers to Communism ?  If the technique used by those who direct the W.R.M. is to be understood the answer must be found, because it is from the labouring classes, and the youth of the nation, that the revolutionary leaders draw their shock troops.

Investigation reveals that Azana represented himself as an intellectual with a sincere belief in Socialism.  He was openly anti-religious.  He protested, however, that he was not in agreement with the terrorism advocated and carried out by the Anarchists and the Communists.  Once he obtained the necessary political power, however, he used it to have the republican government abolish religious teaching orders from the schools.  He engaged Francisco Ferrer to establish secularism in the schools.  Instead of opening the school day with a prayer to Almighty God, the new secular teachers opened the classes by having the pupils sing :

“We are the sons of the revolution
We are the sons of liberty.
With us comes the dawning
Of a new humanity.”

A translation of another ‘Hymn’ sung at the beginning and end of class periods in Barcelona schools is as follows :

“Sling the bomb;  place well the mine;  grasp firm the pistol,
Pass on the word of revolution ... Help for the Anarchists.
Stand to arms till death;  with petrol and dynamite destroy the government.”

The news editors of British and American papers refused to publish the truth because it sounded so fantastic.  Very similar ‘Hymns’ were broadcast in English from Moscow for the instruction of English Communists during 1937-38.

The most damning evidence, proving the systematic method used to subvert, and pervert, youth into becoming revolutionaries, was supplied by Francisco Ferrer himself.  In a letter to a revolutionary comrade he wrote :

“In order not to scare people and give the government (republican) a pretext for closing down my establishments I call them ‘Modern Schools’, and not schools for Anarchists.  My wish is to bring about the revolution.  For the time being, however, one must be content to implant the idea of violent upheaval in the minds of the young.  They must learn that against the police, and the clergy, there is only one means of action... bombs and poison.”[4]

When Ferrer was captured by Franco’s forces during the Civil War he was tried as a traitor to Spain.  The above letter was used as evidence.  He was found guilty and executed.  The High Council of the Grand Orient of Paris protested to Masonic Lodges all over the world claiming that Ferrer had been murdered because of his Anti-Catholic activities.

Investigation into the youth training programme revealed the methods used to corrupt the morals of the youth of a nation also.  Lenin had said :  “The best revolutionary is a youth devoid of morals.”  His word being law in Communist organizations, all members work secretly to make young people of both sexes anti-social and immoral.

Children up to teen-age are taught to rebel against the discipline of the home.  Parents are represented to their children as old-fashioned.  Parental authority is scoffed at.  The subverters argue that parents have lied to their children since they were old enough to listen, regarding Santa Claus, and where babies come from.  The subversives claim parents are the victims of reactionary teachings and capitalistic exploitation.  The child is encouraged to educate the parents in regard to modern and progressive ideas.  They are warned that, for their own good, they must refuse to be dominated or disciplined by their parents.  The purpose of this subversive campaign is to destroy the sanctity, and unity, of the home which is the foundation upon which our civilization is founded.

To rob children of their respect for the ministers of religion the subversives first represent them as being chosen from the less intelligent or physically retarded members of families.  They are ridiculed as spineless ‘holy joes’, ‘womanish do-gooders’, and servants of the ruling classes.  Quoting from Marx, children are told :  “Religion is the opium of the people, because it teaches acceptance of poverty, sickness, and hard work as good for the soul.”

The Christian child is poisoned against the ministers of his religion by being told the most fantastic slanders against them in connection with their private lives.  They are presented as ‘sheep in wolves clothing’;  as ‘black crows’ feeding upon the gullibility of their parishoners.  If, as often happens, a minister or priest does become involved in a scandal it is played up for all it is worth.

The Christian religion is ridiculed in a most nauseating manner.  Christ is represented as the illegitimate son of Mary, a young Jewess, who, in order to save her face, hoaxed Joseph into believing she had been conceived by the Holy Ghost.  Christ as an adult is depicted as a faker.  His miracles are said to be illusions cleverly performed as magicians perform them to-day.  The twelve Apostles are said to have been his accomplices.  The so-called comic “Mandrake The Magician” is often used to illustrate how a hypnotist and magician can fool the public.

One favourite story told Christian children is that Christ was a bootlegger at a very early age.  Subversives claim he pretended to work a miracle at the marriage feast of Cana in order to sell his bootleg wine.  They even accused Christ, and all Roman Catholics, of being cannibals.  They support their arguments with the biblical quotation that Christ admonished his followers that unless they ate his flesh, and drank his blood, they could not have eternal life.

Teen-aged youths are introduced to companions who teach them liberalism which is soon turned to licentiousness.  They are taught the Anarchist conception of life.  The less laws, the better.  Do as you like.  According to subversive teachers, there is only one sin and that is disobedience to orders given by authorized leaders.  There are only two crimes — neglect of duty and betrayal of party secrets.

The next step is to lead anti-social youth into actual conflict with the police.  They start them off by linking them up with some ‘gang’.  Young Communist leaders egg the other members on.  They dare them to do things outside the law.  They force them into fights to prove their physical courage.  They inveigle them into petty crime and then lead them deeper into the jungle of the Communist organized underworld.[5]

The publication of Crime and Sex Comics is part of the Communist psychological warfare.  These Comics are calculated to awaken in children hidden and suppressed sadistic tendencies and to weaken the moral armour of children who are otherwise normal.  Any ‘professor’ who claims Crime and Sex Comics do not influence children in the way the Illuminati wants them to go is either a fool or a knave.

Toy guns, soldiers, revolvers, movies, with plenty of crime and shooting, are all calculated to break down the finer feelings of normal Christian children and acclimatize them to the use of weapons, scenes of violence, and sudden death.

Pornographic books, and magazines are circulated profusely at low prices, because such literature is calculated to destroy the thin veneer of virtue and respectability which civilized Christian moral codes have caused us to develop.

Few people realize the important part modern movies play in subverting youths away from their homes, their country, and their religion.  Many movies show an hour of film in which the criminals and bad men and women do everything that is forbidden by our laws and moral code and devote one minute during which the law catches up with them, or they die because of their sins.  Films taken of actual fighting during the Mexican revolution in 1913 were shown in Galveston, Texas.  The sight of seeing men killed in battle, or being dragged from their homes and slaughtered by revolutionaries caused women to scream and faint, and men to vomit.  Public opinion caused the showings, to be prohibited.  To-day these scenes are shown on films advertised as “Children’s Special” for Saturday afternoon performances.  That is just one illustration of how the general public, and particularly the children, have been systematically hardened to accept the sight of violence and bloody death as normal.  It supports the revolutionary motto that “Much needed reforms can only be brought about speedily by revolutionary action.”

In every country not subjugated to date the directors of the World Revolutionary Movement have set up private Film Agencies which supply the most obscene pictures imaginable for presentation to private parties.  These films illustrate every form of sexual depravity known to man.  They are used for the purpose of demoralizing youth so they can be recruited into revolutionary organizations.  This statement is proved by the fact that the laws barring them in the USSR are strictly enforced.

Youths who prove themselves to be anti-social, anti-religious, hardened, and brutalized, are sent to Moscow and taught “Revolutionary Warfare, and the Art of Street Fighting”.  This is a different course from that given prospective labour leaders and intellectuals.

Revolutionary psychological warfare is accomplishing its purpose in the Western World as it did in Spain.  This is proved by the fact that no person loses any sleep nowadays when the last thing they hear before going to bed is a recital of the details of air disasters, automobile accidents, crimes, and brutal slayings.  A night-cap of that kind would have been too strong to induce sleep fifty years ago.

Public opinion is no longer aroused to action when the newspapers blandly report that several thousand Jews were systematically exterminated in gas chambers by anti-Semitics, or that ten thousand Christians were martyred because of their anti-Communist convictions by Béla Kun or Chinese sadists.  Such horrors are now accepted as every day occurrences.  We are being rendered immune to the reactions we once experienced when violence of any kind came to our attention.  We no longer are disturbed by the overthrow of established governments by force.  If we were, we would have done something to stop what has been going on.  People listen to those who continually cry, as they did in Spain, “Communism can never cause a revolution here”.  They listen to those who give them a sense of false security.  The majority of citizens are like children, who hide their heads under the blankets when they fear danger.  It should be remembered that pulling the bedclothes over one’s head never saved a person from an assassin, a rapist, or an exploding bomb.

A few illustrations will show how psychological warfare worked in Spain.  We must remember always that Lenin said :  “Part of the training of all revolutionary youths must consist of robbing a bank, blowing up a police station and the liquidating of a traitor or a spy.”  Not until a youth has been drained dry of the milk of human kindness, and all feelings of sympathy, is he considered qualified for party membership.  This is a vastly different status from that of a ‘Fellow Traveller’.

As the day chosen for the revolt drew near in Spain, the purveyors of pornographic literature and obscene pictures became so bold they took their stand at the entrances to churches and offered their wares to the congregations going in and coming out.  The outside covers of these publications usually showed a picture of priests and nuns engaged in sexual high-jinks.  Mr. Edward Knoblaugh,[6] who is recognized as an authority on the Civil War in Spain, was so struck by this anti-clerical campaign that he wrote :  “Occasionally delegates of Protestant clergymen came to Loyalist Spain to investigate stories they had read of anticlerical activities.  These delegations were warmly received.  Great pains were taken to convince them they had been badly misled.  Special guides were detailed to show them around.  They saw only what the Communist authorities wanted them to see.  After a day or two they were hustled home, suitably impressed.”

But one day there was a slip up.  A delegation of clergymen stopped at a book-stall to admire some rare old volumes.  Before the guide could prevent it they saw also copies of “La Traca” and “Bicharracos Clericales”.  The covers portrayed priestly orgies with semi-naked nuns.  Both magazines were profusely illustrated with obscene pictures.  Mr. Knoblaugh commented :  “The delegates left in a huff”.

The situation in Spain between 1923 and 1936 was very similar to that which exists in Canada between the French and English speaking population to-day.  The Basque people have their own language, culture, and traditions, which date back into antiquity.  They are deeply religious and very proud.  Like many French Canadians they believed they deserved National Independence.  To achieve this objective they organized a separatist movement to liberate the Basque people from the rest of Spain.  As was only natural, the plotters of the revolutionary movement in Spain didn’t overlook such a situation.  The Basque people were devout Roman Catholics.  They believed they were justified in fighting for political independence if necessary.  The vast majority however, would never have knowingly affiliated with the Communist Party to achieve their goal.  Yet that is exactly what happened.  Marxist ‘Cells’ infiltrated into Basque society.  They hid their real identity so well, they became the leaders of the “Separatists”.  Then, like the Judas Goat, they led the Basques to slaughter.  Operating under the banners of intense patriotism and religious fervour, the Basque leaders, President Aguirre, Gird, and Negrin, blended and beat into an unbelievable mass, Christ’s cross, the pistol of Anarquism, and the sickle and hammer of Communism.  Then, when the revolt started, the masses were abandoned to their fate.  Aguirre was head of the Basque State and generalissimo of the Basque armies.  He sat in his office in Bilbao, while hundreds of Catholic priests and other leaders of Basque society were systematically murdered.  Their martyrdom naturally increased the hatred existing between the Basques and Spain.

F.J. Olondriz wrote the foreword to the book The Red Persecution in the Basque Country, written by José Echeandia.  He said :  “When the day arrived the Basque separatists, blind with passion, many of them forgetting their faith, and their Catholic sentiments, felt closely and firmly united to the Communists, to the Atheists, and to the Anarchists ... and they launched into a war, and made themselves responsible for slaughter, and believed all means were licit, rebelliously ignoring the peremptory words of their religious leader, Pope Pius XI, as contained in his encyclical ‘Divini Redemptoris’ — Communism is intrinsically perverse, and it cannot be admitted that those who wish to serve the Christian civilization may in any way co-operate with it.”  How well some of our top-level statesmen should have remembered those words of wisdom when they tried to co-operate with Stalin during World War II.  Another truth Government leaders must never forget is the fact that Communists, and all other international groups, are used by the Illuminati to further their own secret plans and ambitions.

1 Exactly as agents of the W.R.M. drafted the Federal Reserve Banking legislation in the U.S.A. 1910 and 1913 and the ‘Palestine Mandate’ in England in 1916.

2 Police seized 90,000 rifles;  33,000 revolvers;  and 500,000 rounds of ammunition and a tremendous amount of counterfeit money.

3 See The Bolshevik, October issue, 1930.

4 It was to finance Ferrer’s ‘Training Schools’ for youth that Moscow subscribed the $200,000 previously mentioned.  In Toronto in 1954 there were seventeen such ‘Training Schools’.  There were several in Sudbury.  All big cities of population have them.

5 The sex orgy that took place in the Ford Hotel in Toronto, October 23, 1954, after the Red Feather Football game, involved dozens of teen-agers of both sexes.  It was a typical example of what Communist influence, secretly exerted, can have on the youth of any nation.

6 Mr. Knoblaugh was a ‘Correspondent in Spain’.  He published a book with that title.


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